Betternet: Introduction to Free VPN

Betternet is a program, aimed at protecting us, changing the IP and allowing safe browsing.

Are you fed up with the apprehension that your data will be stolen?

Stop doing it, having subscribed to one of the best free VPN services in the world.

What is Betternet app?

Betternet is not a new service, but it possesses numerous pluses, which make this VPN client popular among those appreciating free services.

Betternet is:

+ totally free;

+ easy to use;

+ compatible with Android, Chrome, Firefox, iOS, Mac and Windows;

+ registration free;

+ used to bypass censorship.

By the way, Betternet is not without minuses:

– slows down the speed;

– annoys with ads.

How does Betternet work without money?

“Online Security and Privacy for all devices and platforms” is the motto of Betternet VPN.

The key words are emphasized with capital letters.


… protects connection, ciphering all transferring data

… changes IP, masking real location

… provides anonymity and confidentiality

The way the service earns money is wide-spread for free apps. Having installed a client on a gadget, a set of ads will be offered. For someone it may be too annoying, but others don’t pay much attention to it.

Is Betternet safe to use?

Having studied the app we may conlude that Betternet VPN is really safe, as it does not keep logs.


Nevertheless, this fact does not prove the idea that a user may be hacked. Even if it happens, the adversaries won’t attain the aim – to use your data, as they won’t decode them.

Is Betternet legal?

There is nothing illegal in the service. It does not advertise prohibited or offensive items. And in general, Betternet follows the law.

And yet, this question emerges not by chance. The thing is that sometimes evil-doers use Virtual Private Networks with the purpose to conduct illegal activity.

However, until a person uses Betternet for a good purpose, its activity may not be accused of crime.

Is Betternet good for torrenting?

Betternet is a good VPN that helps bypass geo-restrictions and censorship, surf the network securely and confidentially, but it isn’t suitable for torrenting.

Speed isn’t a strong side of Betternet app. The tests showed the following results:

Download Speed Upload Speed
Attempt № 1 2 3 1 2 3
With Betternet VPN 9.87 Mbps 6.44 Mbps 8.52 Mbps 25.93 Mbps


34.47 Mbps 31.18 Mbps
Without Betternet VPN 32.66


22.28 Mbps 21.23 Mbps 52.05 Mbps 47.80 Mbps 45.45 Mbps

Thus, Betternet users will suffer from slow speed.

But taking into account other characteristics, one may say that Betternet is a free VPN that is worth using.