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The eyes are the window of the soul… Leastways, it was so before.

Currently, smartphone shows the way to the soul… heart and brains. Just think what info we entrust to our portable gadgets: passwords, photos, correspondence and life in general.

As soon as the device as hacked, the cracker can use your data to the detriment to its real owner.

VPNs help to solve such problems, as they are created to encrypt user data.

How to download free VPN on your device?

When you decide to use a paid VPN, it takes too much time between the moment of choosing a VPN provider and actual use of the VPN app. Why?

Because you have to choose the plan, subscribe for it, pay for the subscription, download the VPN app or configure a VPN connection in a manual way… and only then you may start using the VPN.

Too long and complicated?…

There is a free alternative to get connected via Virtual Private Network, which will take no money and less time!

Want to download free VPN, but don’t know how? Here is the quick guide for you:

  1. Decide what free VPN you need to download (Take into consideration such features as no logging, encryption and protocols).
  2. Search for the website of this free VPN on the network. (no problems with it in most cases for popular free VPNs.)
  3. Visit the website and find something like ‘’Click to download’’ or ‘’download free VPN’’ (they usually place the buttons in the most eye-catching places of the website.
  4. Download and install the free VPN app. (Installation is usually easy and automatic, don’t worry about it.)

Free VPN services are the main target in 2017. There are lots of free VPNs, and now we are going to introduce

What is can be called the best solution for sites unblocking and security ensuring.

Having chosen you’ll get unlimited access to the unrestricted Internet utterly free.

freevpnprologo is 100% free VPN Proxy service that operates without ads and offers the protection of the traffic without limits.

What can do?

This free VPN service has both pluses and minuses. So let’s identify, what prevail: pros or contras.

With you can:

+ get access to all blocked sites around the globe

+ use the services like YouTube, Netflix and Facebook

+ protect browser

+ make online activity safe and anonymous

+ keep privacy under protection

+ change virtual location

+ hide IP

As for the minuses of, they are:

– slow connection

– scanty number of server locations

– poor compatibility with various devices for blocked sites

This free VPN service ciphers all your traffic and hides your IP in order you to use the net anonymously.

This proxy server VPN helps change virtual location that allows unblocking the sites banned in the place you live. will change your location into:

– American

– British

– Dutch

– French

– Canadian

– Latvian

– German

– Singaporean

– Japanese

All geographical locations are free. A user won’t have to pay for premium accounts or any other additional features.

With it’s possible to enjoy unlimited confidentiality and freedom on the Internet.