Keep calm and find a free VPN!

They often say that:

‘’If you don’t pay for the product, you become a product….’’

It seems that the saying is a little bit out of date. Don’t you think so?

At present, one can pretty easily find a lot of services and software that are at disposal for chargeless and offer a decent level of features. Free VPNs are not an exception as well.

Just before you dive into the world of top VPN apps, you will probably desire to have some basic facts about Virtual Private Network at hand. Here we go!


What does VPN stand for?

The first fact you need to know about VPN is that the word stands for Virtual Private Network. It is a technology applied to provide anonymity, privacy and protection on the Internet.

Both paid and free VPN services work according to this principle. They make a user private and anonymous on the network by means of hiding user’s authentic IP address. After changing the true IP address, you become invisible on the network for ISPs and other third parties. You are also under VPN protection as any individual information isn’t passed to the virtual space with no encryption applied.

How does Virtual Private Network function?

Having connected to VPN, the whole packet of your traffic (cyphered, by the way) goes through the channel, so that hackers and other lurkers will fail to grab it and misuse.

How does Virtual Private Network function?

Do Internet Service Providers track users’ real IP address?

The strong point of VPN services is that users are given the chance to camouflage their real IP address and connect via VPN servers. Even ISPs or other agencies inspect your virtual activities on the global net, they don’t know it is you, actually. What they can only see is VPN’s IP address.

What can you do with a VPN?

VPN services are great tools that will let you …

  • Unblock accessibility to censored content
  • Protect your traffic from prying eyes
  • Download torrents anonymously

And that is not all …

Are Free VPN services worth of using?

Many users might believe that free VPN services are useless and don’t provide protection or privacy for them. One can’t agree that free VPNs might lag some extremely advanced features or protocols. Still, they contain basic features you need for regular use. What are they?

A good free VPN usually contains the following features:

  • Strong enough encryption instruments
  • Servers in most popular countries
  • Speedy servers for easy access to the network

These are 3 key features you should look for when downloading a free VPN.

Whether you like it or not, you have to realize that a free VPN may lag some really extra-sophisticated tools that are not provided for free. So you should not be disappointed if you won’t find a free VPN instrument without a multiple choice of protocols or additional functions like NAT Firewall or DNS leak. After all, you may choose a paid one. Why not?

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